Friday, June 24, 2011


Ahhhh Saturdays in summer when, all over America, local farmers and merchants gather to offer their produce, meat and wares for a fair price.  This is a great opportunity to support and get to know the people in your community who are producing food and goods in a sustainable manner.

It's also a way to do some smart shopping.  Notice the prices.  These are organically-grown (vendors don't mind you inquiring about their growing practices - use of pesticides, etc).  Organic lettuce in the grocery store in this amount is at least $5.  I just finished a bag of last week's farmer's market lettuce - it was still completely fresh for our salads today, 6 days later.

It's exciting to see what new items make it to market each week.

If you don't know what an item is, ask the vendor.  They will most likely happily share information about the item, as well as how it is typically prepared.

There are items other than food: honey, soap, candles, garden plants, breads, salsa, meats of all kinds ...

By the way, grilling makes local bacon the baconiest bacon you'll ever have.  :-)

I can't wait for tomorrow morning ... supporting the good hard-working people of my community while getting some real food at a fair price is definitely a win-win situation.

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